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  • Main shop
  • Kiyomizuzaka Shop
  • Yasakanotomae Shop
  • Gion Shop
  • Yasaka Jinja Shop
330㎡ land facing Kiyomizu-dera Temple!
You can enjoy photo shooting on the 2nd floor featured by antique stained glass or in the garden on the 1st floor.
Along the approach to Kiyomizu-dera Temple!One minute walk to Kiyomizu-dera Temple! This shop is located on the street where there are many shops crowded with tourists.
Location where you can overlook the Yasaka Pagoda from the shop!
The streetlights go on in the town at the time of dusk, and you can enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of Kyoto.
One minute walk to Kodai-ji Temple! Three minutes’ walk to Gion and Yasaka-jinja Shrine! There is the historic temple called "Basho-do" in the shop, and the "Kyomachiya", which is located along the stone pavement, is the best place to feel the atmosphere of Kyoto.
Just in front of Yasaka-jinja Shrine!
The shop has a spacious room with a modern Japanese taste interior focusing on wallpaper and lights.
Open on March 16, 2017!!
We sell cute kimono accessories. We also have purikura (instant photo sticker machine)!
Original purikura only here! Delicious crunchy croquettes!
Formal kimono such as furisode, semi-formal kimono, hakama and tomesode & Primary inspections are from here.