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Kiyomizu-dera Temple, which is famous for "Kiyomizu no Butai (wooden stage)", stands halfway up Mt.
Otowa at the head of the Kiyomizu-zaka which is about 1km away from Higashioji-dori and crowded with many souvenir shops.
"Rental Kimono Okamoto" is within a few minutes' walk from the Kiyomizu-dera Temple.
There are Sannen-zaka and Ninen-zaka around the shop, which has become a major sightseeing area in Kyoto.

It is a birthplace of kimono rental for sightseeing.
In those days, when it was established, a lot of tourists had enjoyed "maiko experience" in Kyoto, and we came up with the idea of "sightseeing in a kimono", which was the beginning of the industry called "Rental Kimono".
After that, many customers came to visit our shop, and the culture of "Rental Kimono" has spread.
The original shop of "Rental Kimono Okamoto" is the "Okamoto Orimono Shop" which has been in business ever since its foundation in 1830.
The present owner is Kihachi Okamoto, the sixth.
While preserving the tradition, we created original accessories matching the designs for modern lifestyle, and we are still widely patronized by customers all over the country as a "long-established shop" today.

Going for a walk after renting a kimono in various sightseeing areas as well as in Kyoto is well known to everyone as the root of enjoying sightseeing. We have obi materials of Nishijin textile, various accessories and a variety of creative woven fabrics made by Tatsumura art textile whose work is known for restoration of ancient textile fragments handed down at Shoso-in, Horyu-ji Temple, etc.

One of the reasons that many customers are satisfied with our service is "high technical skills".
Once you walk around the town in a kimono, you will grab everyone's attention.
In the circumstances, we have been introduced by many shops for the reason that it is not embarrassing to introduce our shop, which has resulted in the current success.
Unfortunately, we can see other shops where the staff helps get dressed in a perfunctory manner.
On the other hand, in our shop, only those who have various experiences and techniques can engage in the job of dressing and hair styling.
Not all the people have high technical skills just because they have qualifications and licenses.
In order to acquire high technical skills, we believe that it is important to practice every day and improve their senses.

None of our shops is located at the corner of a building, but all of them are large-sized Kyomachiya. You can feel the atmosphere of Kyoto in the shop, the garden and various places on the site of more than 330㎡.
"Rental Kimono Okamoto" has Main Shop, Kiyomizudera Shop, Yasakanotomae Shop, Gion Shop, Yasaka Jinja Shop, Kiyomizu Higashiyama Shop and Gion Bettei where a beautiful garden spreads near Kodai-ji Temple in Kyoto Higashiyama.
Every shop is located in the center of the sightseeing area where many World Heritage sites are scattered in Kyoto.
We have made our shops the places where you can enjoy Kyoto after stepping into our shops.
Various flowers bloom from season to season in the garden. Our customers have their photo taken in front of the garden and tell us, "This is the most beautiful photo taken today", which is our pleasure.

Many customers are surprised at the location when they visit our shops.
Main Shop and Kiyomizudera Shop face Kiyomizu-dera Temple.
They are located along the sightseeing road, which is a convenient location, and you can enter the road from the main street.
Gion Shop, located along the "Nene no michi (Nene's street)" near Kodai-ji Temple, is a large-sized Kyomachiya standing along the stone pavement.
The cultural property is in this historic building which is the largest shop in Okamoto branches.
Yasakanotomae Shop is located just in front of Yasaka Pagoda as its name suggests. It is close enough to look up from the shop, and the antique interior has an atmosphere as if you travel into the past.
Every shop is within walking distance of Kiyomizu-dera Temple, and it is very convenient for sightseeing in Higashiyama.
If you want to rent a kimono, please visit our shops and enjoy the sophisticated interior and the location by all means.

As our shops are very large and have a lot of space, we have a large number of items, ranging from branded kimonos such as WAFUKAN and TSUMORI CHISATO to our original kimonos.
Not only young customers but also customers of different ages can enjoy kimonos with various patterns such as cute style, cool style and classic style.
One of the fun things is that you can select an obi, accessories, a bag and Japanese sandals as you prefer and decide your favorite combinations by yourself.
In addition, the kimono changes its materials such as unlined kimono and Ro (silk gauze) depending on each of the four seasons.
Please enjoy wearing a kimono as well as renting a yukata in summer.

We pay attention to each of "The atmosphere of Kyoto, which you can feel in Kyo-yashiki residence located in the sightseeing area", "The fun to select from a wide variety of items" and "Sophisticated finish", and would like to help our customers not only get dressed but also make their memories.
We are delighted to be able to see the smiles of more than 150,000 people every year: the customers who drop by and visit us when they come to Kyoto for sightseeing every year, the customers who propose marriage in kimono, the customers who post a profile photo with a kimono on SNS, and the customers who come to Kyoto because they want to wear kimonos.
When you hear a kimono, you imagine that it seems to be very troublesome and cumbersome.
However, our shop will totally change such perceptions, and our customers enjoy an easy-to-wear kimono experience.
Although there was not such a concept of wearing a rental kimono for walking in the past, we wanted our customers to feel more comfortable with kimonos, and this is the form which we finally came up with.
We'd like to preserve the Japanese tradition in various forms as nowadays we have fewer occasions to wear kimono.
We would like to tell many customers about the various cultures of Kyoto through kimonos.
While there are many people saying that they have never worn kimonos, we would appreciate it if you could have some interest in kimonos and enjoy it.
Please come to Kyoto to enjoy wearing the kimono.

  • 本店
  • 清水坂店
  • 八坂の塔前店
  • 祇園店
  • 八坂神社店
  • 清水東山店
  • We sell cute kimono accessories. We also have purikura (instant photo sticker machine)!
  • Original purikura only here! Delicious crunchy croquettes!
We wanted you to dress up in kimono freely and become more familiarized with kimono.
This is why we started kimono-rental.
Though kimonos may make you feel a bit nervous, we have everything you need and can dress you in kimono right away as per our slogan "Come along with empty hands".
Previously, there was not such a concept of renting a kimono for walking.
However, we wanted our customers to feel more comfortable with kimonos, so this is the form which we finally came up with.
We'd like to preserve the Japanese tradition in various forms as nowadays we have fewer occasions to wear kimono.
Lovely cityscape of Kyoto and kimonos fit well together.

Representative director: Reiko Okamoto
Many people think wearing kimono cumbersome and troublesome.
However, our shop will totally change such perceptions and give you an easy-to-wear kimono experience.
You can realize your dream to dress up in a kimono beautifully.
You can easily become a kimono beauty of Kyoto as we coordinate you from dress-up to hair styling in a full set.

Director: Natsuki Okamoto
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All of the staff are sincerely looking forward to greeting you!!